Instant coffee


2,5kg CoffeeMax

Instant coffee powder for professionals. The classic flavor chosen by the Greek consumer for frappe or hot instant coffee. Selected coffee varieties from around the world are roasted separately and combined harmoniously to create the taste and aroma that has become established in Greece.

500gr PL

The instant coffee used by all professionals in the cafeteria market. Now also suitable for vending machines.

500gr PL Agglomerated

Granule or instant coffee beans is the coffee resulting from the further processing of instant coffee powder. It has a very high solubility in hot or cold water and is ideal for vending machines and breakfast coffee machines.

2g Coffeemax

Instant coffee in beans also known as granule in a 2 gram package for hotel rooms and for companies that produce ready-to-drink shaker solutions.

500gr PL Decaf

Our favourite decaffeinated coffee. Using the most modern methods, the caffeine is removed from the beans before they turn into instant coffee.

500gr PL FreezeDried

It is the instant coffee that is gaining ground every year in consumer preferences. It has higher production costs but the final product is usually of higher quality because more of the raw material’s flavours are retained. The production of dry chilled instant coffee is quite complex and requires sophisticated equipment. It is the top choice for home consumption, hotels and catering companies.